How have you used the iPad for projects and group work?

Stop Motion Animation Video

I love using this stop motion animation app (only 99 cents) to make stop motion movies in my web design class. You can use this for any topic and any subject. Students really have to think and be creative if they are going to use this to express an idea or understanding of something. It is very easy to use. The idea is you take a series of still photos that, when strung together, look animated. It is very cool!

QR Code Scavenger Hunt

I also use a free bar code scan app like this one:

Kids can take turns using the iPad to scan QR codes I've placed around for a scavenger hunt. I also have kids create their own QR codes. QR codes can link to a website or to a message.

Easy way to create one (and free):


I have my kids take photos of things for the website. For example, we recently walked around the high school and took photos of class gifts for the alumni association website. I just use the iPad's camera, no special app is needed.

I also have the kids take photos of themselves. Then I have them bring their photos into Pixlr, a free and fun photo editing app. They write their names on their photos. This is fun for them and easy to help me remember their names.

- Allison Goldsberry, high school web design class