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Important iPad Update- How to Upgrade Your iPad to iOS7

What you need to know:

A. iOS7 is the latest software update for Apple iPads and iPhones

B. The new design is VERY DIFFERENT! When you update your iPad/iPhone will look much different than it did before, but don’t panic! Many features are still the same and some are even better.

C. Two big changes:

1. Closing apps

- Double tap the home button to see all open apps

- You will now see all open apps in a tile view; you can swipe through these

- Simply swipe up with your finger on the app screen to close the app

2. Security

With Find My iPhone turned on in iOS 7, your Apple ID and password will always be required before anyone can:

- Turn off Find My iPhone on your device

- Erase your device

- Reactivate and use your device.

There is nothing you need to do except to keep Find My iPhone turned on and remember your Apple ID and password. If you forget either, you can recover them at https://iforgot.apple.com/password/verify/appleid. Basically, if your iPad is stolen it is useless unless the person who stole it knows your Apple ID and password.

How to upgrade to iOS7:

1. Plug your iPad into its charger and plan on leaving it alone for awhile!

2. Go into Settings

3. Go into General, then Software Update

4. Download the new iOS7 software

It will take awhile for the software update to download and install. Once the update is downloaded it will install automatically. The iPad will shut itself down and turn itself on again. Just wait for this to happen. When the iPad is ready it will prompt you to go through some set up screens where it will confirm your information. That’s it!

More iOS7 info:

Apple’s details: